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@selenagomez: Uno mas

@selenagomez: Uno mas

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text ✉️ selena | justin

  1. Justin: how does it sound sexual, selena? explain, 'cause i'd love to hear this.
  2. Justin: nah, not even one small hint. sorry to disappoint. let me guess.. the jet lag is /that/ bad.
  3. Selena: don't ask to explain it'll just bring up a conversation that I don't want to have over text
  4. Selena: So not fair 😡 its not actually. I'm just bored I guess, so I'm gonna put on some Netflix and eat until I fall asleep
  5. Selena: so productive, I know
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text ✉️ selena | justin

  1. Justin: i'm gonna' pretend you made a typo and meant a large sized amount.
  2. Justin: nah, that'd take the fun out of everything.
  3. Selena: Will that help you sleep at night? If so, then yes. A large sized amount. Even tho this is starting to sound more sexual than I expected
  4. Selena: darn it. nog even one small hint?,well I'm at the airport now so expect me to be sleeping all day.
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text ✉️ selena | justin

  1. Justin: only a little? damn.
  2. Justin: it might take a few days to complete, so i'll get back to you on that. promise i'll remember, too.
  3. Selena: okay, a little more than a little. A medium sized amount
  4. Selena: ohhhh I'm excited now. I don't get any hints?
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text ✉️ selena | justin

  1. Justin: guess that makes me pretty special, eh?
  2. Justin: really? nothing else? 'cause i could go all Shakespeare on you and give you a poem if you wanted.
  3. Selena: Eh, you could use those words. You're a little special 😛
  4. Selena: Nahh, I told you. I'm done pushing things on you so tell me if you want. but not because I asked.
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….I know. I just didn’t want to tell anyone, you have your own shit to deal with and I have people to help me get over it. I didn’t want it to get out ‘cause I knew this would fucking happen. Now everyone thinks I’m relapsing and they’re all gonna give me that stupid look. Like they pity me. And they’re gonna constantly ask how I am. I’m that girl again. And they’re gonna think it’s because of Niall and it’s not. He is a whole different story. I just… fuck. 


I have nothing to deal with, honestly. Work? Yes. But that can always wait. You’re not that girl again, Demi. You’re stronger than this and you can bounce back like you always do. Forget the media, you’ve already been good at that. Don’t give up on this now that some asshole leaked your entry. No matter what, I’m here for you. And I never want you to feel like you’re bothering me. Forget Niall. Or what the media says.

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text ✉️ selena | justin

  1. Justin: wearing dresses every day takes some hard work, so props.
  2. Justin: uh.. i love you. i always will and it's something that'll never change.
  3. Selena: And you know how much I hate dressing up on a daily basis so yeah. The things I do for you
  4. Selena: That's all I wanted to hear.

text ✉️ selena | justin

  1. Justin: putting it down for October.. sike. i'm not gonna' tell you the date.
  2. Justin: how do i feel about what? you?
  3. Selena: Omg now i'm nervous. I'm gonna dress up everyday just in case
  4. Selena: Yes.
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